Door's lyrics

1.1.  Break on through
1.2.  Light my fire              .
1.3.  The crystal ship           ++-
1.4.  People are strange         +++
1.5.  Strange days
1.6.  Love me two times
1.7.  Alabama song               +/-
1.8.  Five to one
1.9.  Waiting for the sun        +/-
1.10. Spanish caravan            ++-
1.11. Hello, I love you
1.12. Roadhouse blues
1.13. Riders on the storm        +--
1.14. Touch me
1.15. Love her madly
1.16. The unknown soldier
1.17. The end                    .


Love street                   ++.
End of the night              +/-
Take it as it comes           +/-
Quin on the highway           +/-

Break on through
Soul kitchen                  .
The crystal ship              ++-
Twentieth century fox
Alabama song                  +/-
Light my fire                 .

Back door man
I looked at you
End of the night              +/-
Take it as it comes           +/-
The end                       .

The chalenging
Love her madly
Been down so long
Cars hiss by my window
L.A. Wooman

L'America                     .
Hyacinth house                .
Crawling king snake
The wasp
Riders on the storm           +--

        Side A. Hard rock cafe
Roadhouse blues
Waiting for the sun           +/-
You make me real
Peace frog
Blue sunday
Ship of fool

        Side B. Morrison hotel
Land ho!
The spy
Quin on the highway           +/-
Indian summer
Maggie M'Gill

Hello, I love you
Love street                   ++.
Summer almost gone
Wintertime love
The unknown soldier
Spanish caravan               ++-
Not to touch the earth
My wild love
We could be so good together
Yes, the river knows
Five to one

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