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Barbara Hambly was born in California where, from her earliest years, she was drawn to fantasy and science fiction, finding it far more interesting than reality in the modest town where she grew up. She attended the University of California and spent one year at the University of Bordeaux in France. After obtaining a Master's Degree in medieval history, she held a variety of jobs in quest of one that would leave her with enough time to write. She was first published by Ballantine/Del Rey in 1982.

Her works are mostly sword-and-sorcery fantasy novels, though she has also written a historical whodunnit and novels and novelizations from television shows, notably Beauty and the Beast and Star Trek. She has also made an excursion into vampire-literature with Those Who Hunt the Night, and at one time she wrote scripts for animated cartoon shows.

Her interests, besides writing, include dancing, painting, historical and fantasy costuming, and occasionally, carpentry. She holds a black belt in Shotokan Karate. She resides in a big, ugly house in Los Angeles with the two cutest Pekineses in the world.

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