1. Blues Lives In Russia
2. Diamond Rain
3. Сколько можно терпеть
4. Fool Boy
5. By My Hand
6. Be What You Are
7. Вио
8. Can't Get Away
9. We Are Still Around
10. Miracle
11. Вторник, *8:30

Музыка и слова - Сергей Воронов (вокал, гитара, гармоница)

Blues lives in Russia, we're gonna give you a taste,
On drums with Sasha, and Andrej on a bass.
On that guitar is Misha, Sergej is my name,
We do it not for money, we do it not for fame.

Blues lives in Russia, though born in the USA,
We got the real blues right there, it goes by night and day.
You'll see lots of stunning people begging on parks and streets,
Passed by brand new cars, driving fancy kids.

All kinds of gangsters, the new masters of life,
Buying all police departments and living by the knife.
Young chicks for sale walking in hotel doors,
And empty speeches of the politicians on every shelf in stores.

You've got to suffer to feel the blues,
That's why blues lives in Russia, ain't that a news.

Now you're sitting at the top of the world,
You can't remember how it was before,
You think of nothing and it always been the same.
And all those people running around,
Doing everything you want and more,
You got the money and keep on playing the game.

  Chorus  Walking in a diamond rain,
          Walking in a diamond rain,
          Walking in a diamond rain, feel no pleasure, feel no pain,
          Walking in a diamond rain.

Life is a gamble and you're on the streets,
You think you're winning, but you're all alone,
You clean the bank but you don't understand.
Watch out, your luck will change real soon,
And all those diamonds gonna turn to stone,
You got nobody when you need a helping hand.


Some folks are strong, some folks are not,
Some folks stay when it's getting hot,
Some got to go when their comforts run away.
I hope you're ready when your luck runs out,
You'll see just what life's about,
Your diamond rain's gonna end someday.


Он выходит каждый день ровно в семь,
Он совсем незаметен, он нивидим совсем.
Его путь неотмечен на шеме движенья дня,
Но за дверью из бронзовой кожи он не видит тебя и меня.

  Припев  Но сколько можно, сколько можно терпеть?

Он выходит каждый день ровно в пять,
Он садится в трамвай и идет умирать,
И в промасленных стенах, отбывая свою тюрьму,
Он не любит своих детей, он ненавидит жену.


Тебя будят каждый день ровно в три,
Получи свой укол и на время замри.
Продлевяя свой путь на ненужную треть
Ты не хочешь уснуть, ты готов умереть.


She was all right in the school, but you never thought you're cool,
You couldn't say a word and you thought like a fool,
You were a fool boy, a fool boy.

She made you a slave as she wanted to,
You'll give her anything she wants from you,
You're such a fool boy, a fool boy.

  Chorus  Hey, why can't you see
          That she's using you just like a toy?
          Why do you believe in a sand castle,
          In the sand castle you build, you such a fool boy!

But to tell you the truth, what sad guy to use,
You're sliding around, now you see what it found,
You made her happy and rich, still she's a bitch,
You pull down the wrong horse, man,
You're such a fool boy, a fool boy.


Hey, my sweet little baby, come and listen to me,
I'm gonna tell you a story, the things I used to be.
I remember the beginning, you've been so sweet and kind.
But now I see it different, you've been playing with my mind.

I didn't feel any danger, I could always kind on you.
But since I saw you with a stranger, I can tell what's true.
I remember the beginning and never fell it by the end.
Why is that always things are changing, that's what I want to understand.

I didn't wanna make you love me if your love is gone.
But just want to remind you if you did something wrong.
No more illusions, but I feel an aching pain.
And all you got to do now is to take me by my hand.

I don't have no illusions, but I feel an aching pain,
And all you gotta do now, little baby, is to take me by my hand,

By my hand, by my hand, by my hand.

Кажется лишним все что есть
Если понять тебя нельзя.
Вио, ты любишь блеск и лесть,
Вио, ты любишь смех в глазах.

  Припев #1  Ты видишь их обман и ты чиста.
              Ты веришь в их обман и ты чиста.

Глупо искать причины злясь,
Грустно с тобой и без тебя.
Вио, ты любиш все смеясь,
Вио, ты любиш как нельзя.

  Припев #1

Губы ласкают вновь и вновь,
Снова глаза говорят "бери".
Я ненавижу твою любовь,
Но я не могу без твоей любви.

  Припев #2  Ты видишь мой обман и ты чиста.
              Ты веришь в мой обман и ты чиста.

I think you gotta leave me, Mary Lou, or I'll have to move somewhere else.
I wanna try to live without you, but there's no chance for our happiness.

  Chorus  Now you sleep by my side,
          And I don't know what to do.
          It's time for me to decide.

If you need a lover in the middle of the night, why does it have to be me
You know, I really need some rest, I already did my best, I can't take it
anymore, baby, don't you see?


But no, no, no, I can't get away!
No, no, no, no, I can't get away from you!

We're fading out each day in so many ways
By trying to survive this crazy race.

Oh, yeah,
We're fading out.

They say we kill ourselves, but we enjoy it.
We do not need their help, they need us and they know it.

We're fading out,
But no, we're still around!

And when we get too high, too high to fall,
Don't worry, we can fly, 'cause we can roll and we can roll!

No, we're still around!
No, we're still around!

She's walking down the street and I follow her,
I like the way she walks, she's so nice, she's alone.
No one, but she, she got no one,
No one, but she, no one, but me.

She comes into my dream, falls into my bed,
I'm lying next to her, she's so hot, but she's so cold.
She never captures me, she never kisses me,
When I reach out for her, she alwasy disappears.

  Chorus  I need a miracle,
          Miracle, to get to her.

I see her every night, sometimes with different man,
She's always on my mind, but she got someone else.
She's gonna touch them all, she's gonna kiss them all,
And she'll make love to them, to them but not to me.


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