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If you read all of this there are at least a few plot spoilers for the books, be forewarned...

The following are 'most' of the names from both Amber series. I have included information from the Amber Visual Guide as well. Also I've included some of the information from the forward by Roger Zelazny which appeared in the Combat Command book, titled Roger Zelazny's Nine Princes In Amber, The Black Road War by Neil Randall. This gives info on some of Oberon's wives as well as mentioning Mirelle, Random's sister who died. That's where the Visual Guide got this info, BTW. The 'colors' for the various Amberites were done for the 1988 Amber Board game and copied in both the Black Road War and the Visual Guide.

Updated 23/9/93
Ken Crook has added more people from the last book, corrected a few mistakes and added a section on places, terms and miscellaneous info.
Translated 5/5/95
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