Maksim Eugenievich Moshkow

(Date of birth: 13.X.1966)

Phone: (095)274-6329
hpSID: 0007737431
Fax: 274-6108, 719-7681
ICQ: 96361784
4083me857-3709(4),616/873mx6 8157le????????(?),612/225ln7 8384la????????(6),616/933ar4 8384pa????????(?),905/686au3 11935224 7716up219-9671(3),

Database Informix and Unix system administrator.

Research Inst. of System Studies of RAS
109280, Moscow, Tufeleva roshcha, 12

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Here is my UNIX collection:
Bestix V.3.1, ISC V.3.2, SCO XENIX, SCO, SCO ODT 2.0, 386bsd, BSD/OS 2.0, Unixware 1.0,1,2.0, SVR3.2/88, SVR4.0/88, OSF/1, r3000 Lynxos TC/IX, SunOS 4.1.1,3, Solaris 2.2,3,4,5 AIX 3.4a.0(CETIA), AIX 4.1, Linux 0.99.14-2.4.18-2.6.27,3.7-3.16 FreeBSD 1.1.5,2.0,4.5,4.8,4.9,6.2,6.3,8.0 HP-UX/9,10.20,11.0,11.11,11.23,11.31,11.33 Tru64 4.0
(to be continued)

Here is my collection of programming languages:
Perl, Bourne Shell, awk, SQL, Informix-4GL, C, HTML, Lisp, Fortran-IV, Fortran-77, Basic, Pascal, Assembler PDP-11, Assembler IBM/360, Algol-60, APL, PL/I
Experience at unix networking: Applications: Experience in unix programming/using: MSDOS/Windowze network packages: